The paradigm of materialism and physicality is outdated

It's time to move on in a new direction and create new opportunities

triangularConsciousness is everything. It creates energy. Everything comes from energy. The universe is essentially everything in existence between zero point energy and black holes. Everything in existence functions according to the absolute, fixed principles of universal law. Cause and effect. This is objective reality.

In 2009 Stella Baker, a Fringe dramatist and stage director was working to develop a new modern theory of drama and a charitable theatre company to support people affected by social exclusion. She then discovered that drama is very closely related to consciousness and creativity and that she had actually created a theory of creativity. So believing that her theory went beyond the performing arts she set up Qultura as a vehicle to share her theory and work with the wider community and society.

Her theory of creativity established that consciousness exists in energy and determines its frequency and wavelength. The human brain is a complex quantum electromagnetic organ. But it is also an excellent receiver, transformer and transmitter of consciousness in energy. This theory which has four parts, yielded a social theory based on the triangular relationship illustrated above. This has given new definitions for both social stigma and social exclusion.

Qultura is a newly developed charitable organization working to support people affected by social exclusion and social stigma. We find ourselves on the cutting edge of social science, our work is based on the above theory and we find ourselves able to provide an answer to one of the hard questions of science - what motivates human evolution?

Our question is a simple one - individual human creativity. Individual human creativity is what develops culture. Cultural development is what drives forward social progress and motivates human evolution. It also creates opportunity through the sharing of ideas and social interaction. The creation of opportunity is the starting point in a journey towards economic prosperity.

But we are not a straightforward charitable organization. Social exclusion often comes out of social stigma and denial of opportunity. It is also a very common factor in unnecessary deaths and suicides. Some of the defining factors include:

It can affect anyone

Social exclusion can affect anyone. All it takes is a traumatic life experience or the direct experience of a social issue, or a couple of mistakes in life, or making the wrong decisions. Nobody is perfect, there's no social standard and we all come from a position of ignorance.

It creates barriers

People affected by social exclusion usually feel held back and restricted by various barriers - practical, financial, social, emotional, psychological - which they would love to change but have no opportunity to do so. Social exclusion is usually a stressful, often distressing experience.

The effects can be devastating

The effects vary from person to person, but can include sleep disturbances, an inability to concentrate, solve problems, a deep sense of loneliness, despair, social anxiety, loss of self-confidence and self-esteem, eating disorders, addiction, mental illness, depression, premature death and suicide.

It involves social stigma

Social exclusion is a process resulting from social stigma, depersonalization, status loss and denial of opportunity. It's a symptom of cultural decline and social fragmentation. Having been let down, denied, or even attacked and abused, many affected develop trust issues, and internally stigmatize and exclude themselves just to avoid further conflict.

Qultura supports people affected by social exclusion

through development of culture and better community support networks to create opportunities

Promoting awareness

We work to develop culture in local communities through making opportunities to explore and develop creativity freely accessible to everyone

Bringing people together

We work to support people out of social exclusion. Our community support is based on primary social interaction and is designed to support people with different issues

Creating new opportunities

We work to promote greater awareness, understanding and acceptance between different people in a community or society working against social stigma and social division

How Qultura works

We make no apologies for the large amounts of text and reading required on this website. Social exclusion is a vast subject area and our theories and methods of support are unique and innovative.

The period of research and development we have gone through has been long and at times difficult. We are outside the current paradigm for social sciences, people affected by social exclusion have specific needs which cannot always be adequately addressed by the typical service user service provider relationship.

If you don't know what you are doing supporting people affected by social exclusion can get very resource hungry very quickly. there is also an element of risk involved, if your support strategy is wrong you can easily push someone even deeper into social exclusion. Nobody wants a suicide on their conscience.

So far our methods based on primary social interaction, cultural development and the development of community support at local community level have been successful, effective and efficient. .

Making Universal Credit work

No ifs, no buts, this has got to happen

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Qultura is genuinely conflicted by Universal Credit which is scheduled to replace our current benefits system at the end of 2017.

What we accept

We prefer the flexible approach offered by the basic concept of Universal Credit and feel it is somewhat better than the idea of a universal basic income. Universal Credit exists and we support Universal credit but only on principle

What we don't accept

What we don't accept and don't support is the way Universal Credit is being administered and implemented nor do we support the ineffective, broken system of conditionality on which Universal Credit is based. This has the effect of causing widespread hardship, pushes benefit claimants even deeper into social exclusion and makes access to opportunities to work even less acceptable. We fear that if Universal Credit is rolled out nationally in its present form it will cause a massive increase in the level of personal debt, evictions, destitution, unnecessary deaths and suicides.

What we are looking to do.

We are looking to develop an alternative network of small claimant collective groups, community support networks and other organizations who can work together to offset and mitigate the devastating effects caused by the rolling out of Universal Credit nationally at the end of the year. We are appealing for people to get involved and help us develop this network.

What you can do

Supporting people affected by social exclusion requires the ability to provide an immediate sense of social inclusion in an environment which is supportive and non-judgmental. First and foremost we need people to get involved, to share their lives, their experiences, and to make connections and make new friends. For this purpose we have created Reconnection.

While much of our work is designed to take place in community space in real time, face to face situations we have developed a system which involves discussion groups and online contact and a system which is flexible where you can decide your own role, switch roles, and even combine roles, all based on your own individual time commitments.

We also support the creative ideas of others and we welcome further development and diversification of our theories and work. Some reading is required, but we offer the opportunity to get involved in something beneficial and mutually rewarding for yourself and other people.

Get involved through Reconnection and start making changes

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